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Writing an Argumentative Essay: Secret Techniques Uncovered

By Martha Simons

The assignment of writing an argumentative essay is a real challenge for most of the students. No doubt it’s a time-consuming and sometimes even exhausting task. But if you have a detailed structure of your argumentative essay and know how to organize the information there’s no way you’ll be staring at a blank page for hours having no clue what to start with. Read more >>

5 Most Popular Games to Get to Know Each Other

By Martha Simons

You are sure to meet a lot of new people during your years of studying. Some of them will remain to be your friends after graduation, and the others will disappear from your life forever. But almost nothing can beat the feeling of excitement and anxiety of getting to know each others’ personalities features of character. Even a little detail, like a favorite book, can create an instant bonding between people. Read more >>

Want to write better? Start reading, a lot

By Martha Simons

I believe that writing is derivative. I think good writing comes from good reading.”- Charles Kuralt

Every author will agree that writing is a skill, and the key point is in its constant improvement. Read more >>